Journey… clambering off the edge!

Walking down the path so long teetering on the edge of an abyss a way to search for bliss… he has reached a place where he wants to relive all his memories lost in the darkness that delved from the shadow of his past, burdened by each forgotten moment whirling down deep in his soul.

Encountering moments of great fright in the darkest depths of night… he stood their thinking to question all he thought all he knew… Pondering how much he has gained and how much he has lost… his loss was far more than his gain, mind cluttered with calculations filled with sounds of his memories which he wanted to forget… but fate it has a strong sense of irony all he always wanted to forget was all he wanted to relive.

The sound kids playing in the park swinging swaying, singing happy faces, holding hands spreading the sky with fragrance of happiness with colors of love spreading the rainbow of smiles… sparkles of love, the shining birds flying high… at times it was hard to recall even if it did all he ever used to do was shook his head off all this but this time it was quiet different as he was ready to relive memories leaving the daemon as is… he whispered to himself

In life we stumble and we fall and to acknowledge that it’s okay. We are allowed to lose our way stray off the path just for awhile find a new reason to wear a smile so while walking that thin line, know that its just fine… Once clambered off the edge and climbed down safely from the ledge is not the end of the life!

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  1. What he whispered to himself are the words of gold.

    No matter wherever we fall, it’s not the end of the life until a heart completely stops.

    Keep on writing… your words are becoming an inspiration…

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