Journey One Step ahead!

Distressed and disappointed walking around the path of nameless faces he came across the wall where from a creek was shoving light which he never seen before… first he became afraid as what the light is then slowly moving closed to what intrigued his senses he peeped through it… The room was dark,  The faint twinkle of distant city lights cast an iridescent glow upon the old oak floorboards, a shadow starts to move in… light creek as she tiptoes her way in, the weight of her careful footsteps matches the slow beat of her now steady heart. She makes her way toward the light switch, careful not to make eye contact with her reflection in the floor to ceiling mirrors. She isn’t quite ready yet. Earbuds in, she closes her eyes and melts into the music. It runs through her, finding a home in the bones that bring it to life. The strong beat pulsates through her veins, sending shivers down her spine. She hums along, already swaying she has come to know so well. In the darkness the world falls away, each calculated movement more liberating than the last. Suddenly she stops. Changing her mind, she walks toward the only window and gingerly pulls up the blinds. The evening sky has donned its first set of stars. The city that threatens to swallow his whole he finally had someone who was seeing as real as himself.

So entranced in her midnight dance she does not notice the one watching her. She never does and he liked it better that way. Watching her revel in her freedom is the escape he has been searching for.

Shredding the night of fallen stars counting the pieces of her heart tired of dancing her sadness out… she wanted to go to the bed when she felt that she does not want to sleep. The pain was darker then the night with no hope for the sun to shine, thick blanket of sadness will never rain on her soul and will not let sun shine.

He could feel the tears in her eyes which she is not  letting roll down as she knew there was no one to wipe them… she stands up and sits down try to lay down but gets up with the fear that was haunting her deep beneath her soft skin. She could feel her heart beating like a drum but with no rhythm rather a noise of past, time she has spent the laughter she shared and the happiness once now turned into nothing but a memory.

She knew that the journey of memories will never take her further… but would rather drag her soul to the depths of Hades which will bring a smile but the cost is more pain but the biter sweetness was what she choose for she had no other choice.

Moving to and fro in the midest of time was what she did… and then suddenly she stirs her head, shook everything off and decide to sleep.

But her memories will not leave her alone even in her dreams. Chasing her down, determined to defeat every little hope she was left with they encircle her


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  1. 😍😍 * tsk tsk* what happened next?

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