A journey of disregard!

Time is the worst place, so to speak, to get lost in, having been lost in both time and space… sometimes become a wonderful experience and sometimes its just another day!

He was tall but very thin and had a slight stoop. He wore a haggard and mournful look. This was the longest journey he ever had so as stepped onto the road full of people all the faces looked same… looking for something started to walk towards the crowd… every step moving close to one looked like another… but he soon realized the crowd was nothing more than masked creatures… but still hoping to hope, he kept walking towards a nameless direction with aimless steps a journey of disregard… on nameless streets of civilize with boundless walls… deserted in a crowd where he could recognize nothing but pain, a pain after every mask revealing one after the other… every face he unveiled was a mask… every eyes that meets his were looking at him… one after another… none seemed real .

In search of a happy happiest moment with faces beaming with blessedness and peace… he could recall his early days of childhood when everything was simple and was understood as it appeared, the first kites that returned with the dry season, children chasing them on the streets. Recalling his own childhood, how he often wandered around looking for a kite sailing leisurely against the blue sky.

As soon as he found one he was sing with his whole being, welcoming it back from its long, long journey, asking it if it had brought home any happiness…  first sensations of hope and trepidation had instantly been overwhelmed by astonishment, and all sorts of thoughts were battling for the use of his vocal chords at this moment when he found a very face he could trust and relieve his memories with…

To be Continued… >>





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  1. More please… 😃😃 ended too fast 😌

    • abrar2794

      Soon… the journey is long and he is a little tired… but will continue his chase as he passes through the stern steep path of time unwinding the magical box of his memories revealing toys of joys and colors of tears he shredded on the horizon of life span!

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